Protecting your assets and ensuring your loved ones inherit what you wish upon your death doesn't need to be unnerving. If the unfortunate happens and you pass away without a will, your estate will be distributed according to the law, meaning your wishes many not be taken into account. If you're dealing with a recently deceased loved ones estate, there are many legal issues to think about when it comes to inheritance; how much is to be paid and how.

Our experts can help you protect what is important to you. By seeking the right legal advice, you can expect a straight-forward process and the confidence of knowing your assets and wealth are protected.


We help clients in various will and inheritance circumstances including business owners, those with large estates and those who are looking to protect the financial security of their next generation.

Forward-planning is the key to protecting and creating a secure future for the coming generations.


Our will and inheritance professionals have the knowledge and experience to assist you with the:

  • Creation and updating of new and previous wills.

  • Appointing of guardians needed to look after any children you may have.

  • Organising financial provision for any children you may have under 16.

  • Challenging of an existing will.

  • Advice and guidance on inheritance tax.


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