In this day and age, it is extremely common for a couple to live together without being married. To prevent any disagreements and disputes involving money, bills, properties and children, should you come to separate, there are various agreements a couple can put in place.


Unlike a divorce or civil partnership, there are no particular set of rules that automatically apply if you split up from someone. You can make an agreement or dissolution at any time, whether you are about to start living together or if you have been doing so for many years. Our experienced family law team can help you put together a good cohabitation agreement, reducing potential disputes.

We encourage couples living together or thinking about living together, to think about legal protection


There are options available for unmarried couples looking to put in place legal protection, should they need to separate. These include:

  • Cohabitation agreement - A signed, written document, often signed as a deed in front of witnesses. It generally covers who owns and owes what at the time, what financial arrangements have been arranged whilst you are going to be living together, and how any assets, income and properties should be divided should you separate.

  • Pre-nuptial agreement - People planning to enter a marriage or civil partnership can enter into an agreement beforehand, which states what should happen to their money and property if the marriage or civil partnership should end. 


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