To benefit yourself, a friend or family member, trusts are set up to hold various assets. This can be done during your lifetime or upon your death with instructions given in your will. You may be looking to set up a trust for various reasons including gifting money to grandchildren, tax, residential care or safeguarding inheritance.

In order to ensure your trust arrangement is made clear, it is recommended that you have a legal Trust Deed in place. Whether you're a trustee or looking to set up a trust, we have the knowledge and expert advice to provide you with the right service.

By appointing our experts as a trustee, you can be sure that we will act carefully and within the law.


Our trust experts have the knowledge and experience to assist individuals, families and charities with:

  • Trust creation, administration and termination.

  • The tax implications involved.

  • Offshore trusts.

  • Advice and guidance for trustees and beneficiaries.


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