Acting for yourself in Family Law proceedings (‘Litigants in Person’).

Any online search will generate an array of information, cases and legal jargon. Our team are experienced and can centralise the process for you. Even the Judiciary’s own Practice Guidance recognises that:

‘Most litigants in person are stressed, worried and operating in an alien environment. They are trying to grasp concepts of law and procedure about which they may be totally ignorant'.

Acting for yourself

They may well be experiencing feelings of fear, frustration, bewilderment and

disadvantage, especially if appearing against a represented party. The outcome of the case

may have a profound effect and long‐term consequences upon their life.

They may have agonised over whether the case was worth the risk to their health and

finances, and therefore feel passionately about their situation.

The stakes couldn’t be higher where children and family finances are concerned.

John W Davies are prompt, realistic and effective. Our team treat clients with kindness and are always friendly and knowledgeable. We can help you budget monthly and take away much of the anxiety and potential pitfalls.

Our Family Law Department has four full time Specialists dealing with all aspects of private Family Law (non-legal aid cases). We can converse with you in English, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish and Urdu. Our team is City experienced have been accredited to Resolution for Family Lawyers, Collaborative Family Law, The Law Society Children Act Panel and for Mediation. JWD offices are located near the Severn Bridge in South Wales, our client’s are spread across England and Wales, we also provide legal services to business people, armed forces, private security personnel, construction sector, teachers and more. Overseas with family cases still in this jurisdiction.

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