The costs associated with Family Law

Family Law

A recent independent survey, published by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority, found that most people were happy with the service they were provided with by their chosen family law solicitor, and most found their services affordable. 

This is encouraging news as family law disputes can be complex and daunting. You only get one chance at a fair settlement. By making services affordable, more people can achieve a fairer, quicker and less stressful outcome than by trying to deal with matters in person. This is especially important given that legal aid has been withdrawn in recent years for such cases.

We strive hard to be transparent regarding fees. We provide fee estimates for each stage of the case and monthly billing to help spread the cost.. We will talk to you about which aspects of the case you can progress yourself to avoid certain fees and we will always keep our approach proportionate.

We’re pleased to have highly qualified, city-experienced, family lawyers at John W Davies, but without charging ‘city’ hourly rates. We offer an initial 30 minute consultation without charge at either our Chepstow or Newport office, so that you can assess your options and decide whether we are right for you.

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