Unmarried couples, do you have £20,000 spare for the Supreme Court?

Opposite sex couples who live together but are not married, do not have the same rights at law as married couples and same sex couples in civil partnerships. More and more people choose to live together but not to marry and, according to the Office of National Statistics, this is the fastest growing type of family unit in the U.K. Yet, if they separate or one partner dies, they do not have access to the same laws regarding property, finances, children and taxes.

In the media recently, an unmarried couple, Charles Keidan and Rebecca Steinfeld, have just failed in their attempt to challenge the government on the bar to opposite sex couples entering into civil partnership, in the High Court. It is likely to cost around £20,000 for them to take matters to the Supreme Court.

So, can anything be done in the absence of parliament catching up with society?

Forward thinking couples can enter into a Cohabitation Agreement, arrange their property in certain ways, and create Wills and Trusts which establish as much agreement and protection as possible for you, your partner and any children.

Talk to our family law experts, and our wills and trust experts to see how we can help.

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