When selling a property, you want to ensure you get the best price as well as a quick sale. Once you have accepted an offer from an interested party, that doesn't necessarily guarantee a sale. Due to certain circumstances, a chain can be broken and result in the unfortunate breakdown of your sale.

By choosing a trusted conveyancer that works smoothly and efficiently, you can be sure that your sale completes without a hitch.

Whether you are in a chain or not, avoid any breakdowns by picking a reputable, trusted conveyancer.


We know that the conveyancing world can be a little daunting, so we have put together short numbered stages below outlining the main events that will take place during our service with you.

1. You will receive a Terms of Business and Client Information Pack from us - this is so we have all the correct info.


2. We will issue contract papers to your buyer's solicitors.

3. You will be sent the Contract and Transfer papers from us to check over and sign.

4. If you are selling your property with a mortgage outstanding, we will request a Redemption Statement from your mortgage lender and issue you with a Draft Completion Statement to check, along with the a copy of the lender's statement.

5. The exchange of contracts will take place, where both seller and purchaser will confirm completion date and agreed price at which the property is being bought.

6. Completion date arrives and you must vacate the property.


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