Since April 2014, before making an application to a Court in relation to family matters, you must have attended a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) unless certain specific and limited exemptions apply. The Government believes it is better for people to make their own arrangements and that going to Court should be used as a last resort.

Our mediation service can help you work out agreed arrangements, both in the long term and short term. This can avoid the cost and time associated with going to Court.

Research shows that 80% of couples who attended mediation, at any stage of separation or divorce, reached agreements.


Our mediators help both parties to gain a clear understanding of their financial position. By gathering and sharing all of the necessary documentation, we help you to consider all available options, and work out the possible terms of a financial settlement based on circumstances and needs. 

MIAMs can be individual or joint appointments. Nobody is forced to take part, and great care is taken to ensure neither party feels that they are put under pressure or at risk from the other.


The discussions that take place in our mediation meetings are completely confidential. Our mediators do not give information to any third party without written consent from both parties. However this may be wavered if a child is thought to be at serious harm. 


The discussions that take place in mediation are legally privileged, meaning that neither party can tell the court what was said in mediation unless both parties agree to do so. The financial information provided by both parties can, however, be made available to the court to support a consent order.


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