Financial issues are naturally one of the main concerns for any separating couple, especially if children are involved. This area of law is complex and can cause the most disagreements. We will do our utmost to try to help you reach a financial agreement without attending court.  


If court proceedings do become necessary then we shall of course provide you with robust assistance.  Our team is well versed in dealing with everyday cases through to high net asset cases, as well as acting for sport stars and the like.

It is never too early to seek advice on your position, even if you are not 100% sure the separation will go ahead.


We will assist you in the negotiation of agreements and aim to achieve a Consent order which can be approved by the Court. Through negotiation and mediation, we will advise you about making proposals for financial settlement. You can attend mediation with or without your spouse, depending on the situation and relationship.

If you are unable to come to an agreement, or your partner does not provide you with the sufficient financial disclosure, we may need to ask the Court to decide what orders to make. This is done by making an application for Financial remedy.

What Orders can the Court make?

Property Adjustment Order

Lump Sum Order

Periodical Payments Order

Pension Sharing Order


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