Cybersecurity is a critical issue facing all businesses. Cybercrime is getting more sophisticated so it’s important that JWD protect information and systems.

JWD protects critical assets from cybercrime. These items include:





Mobiles and Smart Devices

Client Accounts


Data breaches are reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office within 72 hours of being discovered. Everyone in our firm should know how to do this, if you need further help contact


JWD security is managed by a direct team of experts, who are also responsible for the security of the data it holds.  Please ensure to read the next information to keep safe.

Common Legal Scams "Phishing"


Emails, purporting to be from this firm, asking for deposit payments to be made to a bank account in the name of an individual


Emails providing bank details in the body of emails


Emails stating an individual’s name, not from this firm See Our Team

If you receive such emails, please contact us immediately by emailing  Please do not under any circumstances send money to the suggested bank account.

If you have sent us money recently and you are now concerned if it has been received, please email with the following information:

Your full name

The amount you sent

The date you sent it

The payment reference you used when sending


There is no need to contact us if you have already had confirmation of receipt from us.

Phishing is where someone initiates an electronic communication such as an email, which is designed to trick the user for the purpose of stealing sensitive information such as identities, passwords and credit card numbers or stealing money through the transfer of funds.

The best way we can defend ourselves from becoming a victim of a phishing email is for us to spot an attack.


It is this firm’s policy to never send you bank details in an email, which we explain in our initial letter to you and at the bottom of email signatures.

If in doubt—do not reply. Instead, if you know the sender, send them a separate email using their real email address, or call them using a known contact number.


Make sure to delete confirmed phishing emails and please do ask us to confirm bank details verbally.

We provided you our bank details in the initial documents that we sent you, with a note stating, “we will never change our bank details during your matter with us”. 

Please use this information should you need our bank details.