Our commercial solicitors will give your business all the legal advice and expertise that you need, whether you are a start up or a well-established business.   We help protect your business and limit risks.


Start Ups: The first decision you will have to make is the legal structure of your business.

There are 4 main legal structures to consider:


  1. Sole Trader: You start trading in your own name or under a ‘trading as’ name.  This is the most straight-forward, quickest ‘start up’ entity. 

  2. Partnership: This is a commercial relationship between 2 or more people.  It is not a separate legal entity (such as a company). Although there is no legal requirement, it is sensible to enter into a partnership agreement in advance. This agreement would address the partnership’s business, how it is managed, distribution of profits and what happens if and when a partner decides to leave.  

  3. Company: The most common form of business vehicle in the UK. Companies are formed by registering them with the Registrar of Companies at Companies House. There are three types of companies; limited, unlimited and public companies. Most companies are limited companies which are limited by shares.

  4. Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”): If you want the protection of a limited company but the flexibility of a partnership agreement then a LLP is an alternative. This offers more protection for the partners personal assets should the Partnership get into financial difficulty. 

Speak to our experts and explore the best legal structure for your new business.


If you are looking to sell or purchase a company (or its assets) John W Davis Solicitors is here to advise, draft and guide you through the process from start to finish. 

If you are looking to sell a business seeking legal advice from the early stages is essential. We can advise and draft non-disclosure and confidently agreements to be issued to any interested buyers thus protecting any business information. 


John W Davies Solicitors offer services and legal drafting:

  1. Due Diligence: Buyers have the right to look at the records, assets, and operations for a business before committing to purchasing or entering into a partnership. You can instruct our firm to understand the legal due diligence review for you and advise you on any risks in entering into the purchase. 

  2. Share Sale Agreements: Are applied when the shares of a company are being sold rather than the assets of the company.

  3. Asset Sale Agreements: Are applied when the business of a company is being sold namely the assets (such a contract, employees, hardware, property) and undertakings and not the company (shares) itself. 


John W Davis Solicitors provide an excellent and efficient legal drafting service.  We draft bespoke legal documents that you should have in place to increase protection for your business (and business owners) and reduce the likeliness of dispute. 


Our service includes:

  1. Terms and Conditions (T&Cs): Probably the most important document your business should have in place.   Our solicitors provide professionally drafted terms and conditions designed to meet your needs and ensure that both parties in any transaction are fully aware of their rights and obligations thus help to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction. 

  2. GDPR/Data Protection Documentation: Complying with the GDPR is paramount to any business, at John W Davis Solicitors we appreciate it can be a little daunting.  It is important to understand what your business needs to do, and then to put in place the correct procedures and practices supported by up-to-date policies.  Our experts can advise and draft: Data Protection Auditing & Privacy Impact Assessments, GDPR & Data Protection Policies, GDPR Website Privacy & Cookie Policies, GDPR Privacy Notices, Data Processing Agreements and Data Sharing Agreements.

  3. Websites: Represent an important part of every business. Our lawyers advise on the best terms and conditions for your website which also include up-to-date references to the latest legislation such as the GDPR. We are regularly instructed to draft Website Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers and Notices, Privacy Polices, cookie policies, Website Design and Development Agreements, Advertising & Marketing Documents and Website Terms of Use. 

  4. Other Commercial Agreements: Employment contracts, Heads of Terms, Introducer Agreements, Fee and Commission Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements,  Franchise Agreements, Shareholder Agreements and Partnership Agreements. 

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